Guild Wars 2 farming in every literal sense

Though this is farming in every literal sense, there are rare nodes which spawn every 24 hours that will net you some nice profits. Cursed Shore and Malchor’s Leap generally have 5 orichalcum nodes, 5 ancient wood nodes and 5 omnomberry nodes each. Frostgorge Sound and Southsun Cove usually have 3 orichalcum nodes and 3 ancient wood nodes. Their positions vary on every server and they are moved around after every weekly maintenance update. The only exception is one ori node in Southsun that never moves but it’s guarded by a champion karka.

You could hunt these down yourself or you could go to and get their general locations easily. They aren’t always correct but I find them accurate around 80 to 90% of the time.

When I use to do daily node runs it took about 30 minutes to cover all 4 maps. I found that wood and berries were fairly easy to get but there would always be that one ori node that Anet had to put in the most kittenish place possible. On Cursed Shore, one of their favorite spots is near the meta event for the temple of Grenth. You have to get past a lot of enemies that love to stun, daze, cripple and use knockback.

Now that you can guest on other servers, it is possible to do 3 runs daily. I will discourage you from doing so very often as Anet has made it clear they didn’t like players abusing the overflow servers so I’m fairly certain they will frown on exploiting guesting as well. They basically said they’ll frown but turn a blind eye to it unless it gets out of hand.

Basic game design dictates that the most difficult content should be the most rewarding. So making it equal gold to other content and then adding those other goodies you describe just makes sense.

As it stands, it’s not just that fractals give less guild wars 2 gold. They give a fraction — one-fourth or one-fifth — of what someone can get in a dungeon, and the reward is proportionally lower in comparison to champion and dolyak farming.

Besides, there’s no reason not to make all the content equally rewarding when it comes to gold. Everyone should be able to work toward a broader goal, such as legendaries or other skins, while doing whatever content is possible. Equalizing the gold reward allows that. That’s the reward equity ArenaNet should be aiming for, even if it will take some tricky balance.


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