Guild Wars 2 WvW World Rankings Guide

A lot of players get involved with the World vs World without having a full understanding of how the rankings work within it. Each server has its own ranking, and who you will be fighting against will be determined based on your rank relative to that of others. Understanding how this works will help better understand why earning points is necessary, and why you should continue going for the most (or least) points you can during each match.


How Servers Are Matched

Servers are matched up in groups of three based on each server’s ranking. The lowest three will be grouped together, the top three will be, and the rest will be organized in the same way (with 4-6 being together, for example). When guilds stay at a similar rank to one another, you can see the same matches week after week. This has happened a few times on Anvil Rock (where we have had a period of three weeks of the same two enemies each time). While this is not something that usually happens, it is a possibility. Getting out of that cycle requires one team to either drop down to a lower bracket or to go up to a higher one (each of which would result in that world being swapped out with the one they just replaced).

Now, while the points are what determine what rank you are, the system is relative. The better you are doing compared to all other servers, the better rank you will be. Even if you are in first place within your bracket, it does not mean that you can not go down. The scores (or some variation thereof) continue on forever and are not reset each week. So it is your overall progress and continuation of doing well that is what matters. This seems to be lost on a lot of players, that do not realize even if you are in last place, you should still be trying to get points as you could move up a rank regardless (if a higher ranked server from another bracket does extremely bad). On the same token, you could go from being first to losing a rank in the same way.

Servers are matched up again every Friday at around 6:30 PM CST. During the reset there is a down period of around five minutes while the rankings are calculated and the battlegrounds are refreshed. There used to also be a new thread each week on the official forums that showed the full ranking listing and how many points each team has, but that does not appear to be happening anymore.

How Servers Earn Points

Points are earned every 15 minutes based on how many objectives your world has. There are many objectives, and they come in different values. They are as follows:

Camps – 5 Points

Towers – 10 Points

Keeps – 25 Points

Stonemist Castle – 35 Points

Of these, there are the following numbers:

Camps – 24

Towers – 24

Keeps – 12

Stonemist Castle – 1

Please note that the above numbers are the totals across each of the battlegrounds. So if we take all of these and figure out the total number of points given out, it is 695 per 15 minute period. The goal, if your team wants to make it to a higher bracket, is to get as close to this 695 number as possible.


More Efficient Earning

The big way to boost your world up in ranking is to be more efficient with the point earning. Instead of focusing on a certain spot for many hours, you can take over other undefended structures instead. Maybe head to another battleground. There are many ways to make this more effective. More or less you should be more worried about capturing something at all, rather than something specific that may or may not be possible. On top of this, you may want to avoid Stonemist Castle. “But it is the most powerful structure,” you say. Well, this is true, but it is not the best one to hold. Let us take a look at why.

Why Stonemist Castle is Bad

Stonemist Castle has a couple of things that put it as a very bad investment (of man power and time). First off, it is a central area that everyone loves to capture. It is the biggest, so why not? The second problem is that it is just way too big to hold. There are many walls all over it, and people can breach it from multiple directions at once. This means that you need a lot of people constantly guarding, and you are likely to be attacked by both enemy worlds at the same time (due to its position and that of the spawn areas).

When we look at the value of the castle, it is only 35 points. It is significantly faster to just take camps and towers instead, and even if you lose them, you would probably have lost the castle regardless. In any case, the value of it in points is simply not worth pursuing unless you have a clear path for taking it over and little to no resistance. Past this, it is better to focus your attention elsewhere.

Other Ways to Earn Points

While capturing and holding objectives is the fastest way to earn points, there are two other methods as well:

Killing sentries – this counts as a quest as well, and grants your world one point upon success

Bloodlust – this is a buff that starts awarding one point per kill of the enemy worlds in PvP, as long as they are killed with a finisher

Neither of these is worth a ton, although Bloodlust can be when mixed with a large battle and a ton of kills. Regardless, it is worth keeping these two things in mind so you can get some bonus points as you run around from one objective to another. And since the sentries are worth a quest, they also grant guild wars 2 gold, karma and experience!



Once you understand how important different objectives are to getting the most points possible in the WvW system (and therefore increasing your world’s ranking), it makes understanding the choices some commanders make that much easier. There is a lot more to rankings than simply taking over the castle, and keeping the castle does not even have that much value (outside of the fun factor). Instead, focus on taking the most objectives possible and ensuring your score is constantly going up by more than your that of your enemies!


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