Guild Wars 2 Urmaug’s Secret Jumping Puzzle Guide

Urmaug’s Secret is one of the least complicated jumping puzzles found in Guild Wars 2. This particular puzzle is located in the Lion’s Arch just Northwest of the Lion’s Shadow Inn Waypoint. This Waypoint can be found East of the Grand Piazza. We have a full video tutorial for this puzzle so be sure to watch it below or check out the text guide located directly below the video for detailed instructions.

Step 1
Head NW down the path shown in the video from your start position at the Lion’s Shadow Inn waypoint. Take the path all the way to the back of the map where you see the waterfall in the distance. Cross the bridge in front of the waterfall and then turn right to head into the cave behind it. From here, head into the smaller cave entrance near the back.

Step 2
Once inside the smaller cave walk forward and then look left. Jump onto the tip of the pointy rock found on the floor. Start jumping onto the rocks that sort of take you in a circle around the edges of the walls. Make the big leap over to the far wall rock ledge then turn right and make another big leap onto the flat topped rock across from you.

Step 3
Turn your character right until you’re facing the middle of the room. Jump from your ledge to the tip of the point rock in the middle. Take your time and make a precise jump for this one as it is easy to fall off of it. From here it gets a bit easier and more obvious. Jump onto the rock directly in front of you and then to the rocks on the right up the wall where it basically looks like a stepping stone staircase.

Step 4
Make the few jumps required to make your way up the steepest part of the rock incline. Once at the top you just have to jump onto a few easy to get to rock steps and then you’ll be at the top and can walk on through to the rewards.

This particular puzzle is known as Urmaug’s Secret but we just call it the Lion’s Arch waterfall jumping puzzle. It’s pretty easy to find and pretty easy to complete no matter how good you are at jumping.

As mentioned in the video, we’re not entirely sure how to rewards work for these puzzles. They could be level based, they could be profession based or they very well could be completely random. Whatever the method to the madness is, you get a few decent rewards for just jumping around having a good time! Hope this tutorial helped!


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