Guild Wars 2-Spectator Mode Guide

With the addition of Guild Wars 2’s custom arenas comes the possibility of spectating on other players as they participate in structured Player versus Player matches. Spectating isn’t just for watching the action either, as it also permits you to view any players traits, armour and items that you happen to be following. When you join a structured PvP server (of any type) you will now be presented with an “Instructions” menu screen. Here you can decide which team you want to join (blue or red) whether you want to join a random team (indicated by the dice) or whether you want to spectate (indicated by the eye).

In each structured PvP map there are a series of “fixed” cameras. These fixed cameras are designed to provide you with a stationary yet cinematic view point of the action. This fixed cameras allow you look over different areas of the map should you not wish to follow just one person. The joy of fixed cameras is the fact that you can quickly move between larges areas of the map to view any ongoing fights. To select a fixed camera, simply open up the map of the arena you are in by pressing B. You will then see the symbol of an eye in a multitude of locations. By selecting one of the eye’s, you will be moved to that fixed camera.To follow a player, simply double click on their name from the party menu in the top left hand corner (see below image). This will instantly place your camera behind them and allow you to follow them until you choose to move to a static camera or another player. While following you will see the exact skills that the player has as well as guild wars 2 gold activations.

As briefly mentioned, spectator mode (on none-ranked matches) allows you to view the armour, traits, sigil’s and runes of any players you choose to follow. For those of you curious about the builds of others (especially others who are smashing you to pieces time after time!) there is now a definitive way to view exactly how they’re doing it. To access this series of options, simply right click on the players name in upper left hand corner to view their equipment. This will open a new menu broken down into “Equipment” and “Traits”.


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