Guild Wars 2-Elder Dragon

My hope is that ArenaNet will take a subtle approach to our dragon pal and perhaps confirm the existence of a dark sentience with a compelling personality and motivations. Scarlet became more interesting — and well-liked — when players had a definite indication that she wanted something more concrete than to sow chaos. She seemed to be under the impression that awakening the dragon was somehow necessary, and through her journal and the information uncovered in A Study in Scarlet, we can probably conclude that Scarlet at least was able to assign some kind of personality to the thing whispering in her head.

I don’t expect (or want) a dragon that’s not dedicated to destroying life on Tyria as we know it, and I don’t think we’re likely to get a “good” Elder Dragon that secretly wants what’s best for us, as some fans have suggested. What I do hope we get is a charismatic dragon, who may not have a valid point but is capable of making the audience wish that it did. An evil that sincerely promises something of high emotional value — such as gw2 gold, freedom or security — is interesting because it can encourage audience investment without needing a moral leg to stand on. The most fascinating and frightening part of Zhaitan’s corruption wasn’t its power to command mindless servitude but the way in which many of its more powerful minions seemed to have had existing devotion twisted to replace the original subject — whether the Six Gods or even the Krytan throne — with Zhaitan.

One thing is certain, either way: Scarlet arguably won. She may have died in the attempt, but at most the main cast escaped with their lives. The Breachmaker completed its task, and things are potentially about to get a whole lot hairier. Or scalier. Whichever.


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