Be Dynamic With Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2

ynamic events refer to any event that occurs in a persistent area as a result of players interacting with and exploring the world. They are called “dynamic” because there are multiple outcomes that also result in new events, creating a cascade effect. Once an event has triggered, it will develop whether or not a player attends it. Because of this, there is no real concept of failure or success – the result of any event will simply cause a change in the surrounding area. For example, if monsters are successful in raiding an area, they may become strong enough to occupy a fort, which could then be taken by players.

To summarize, the dynamic events are certain “occurrences” in the world that develop on their own (usually in a negative way) if they are not influenced by a player or a group of player that happen to pass by.The concept is extremely simple and replaces the boring and repetitive “standardized” quests that are present in more and more MMOs these days, with the NPCs that have various exclamation points onto their heads, no matter how dangerous or serious they look.

The mechanic is rather simple, moving on a horizontal axis from negative to positive and back again, having fixed checkpoints along the way. If you choose to help, you will progress to the next checkpoint where you can do another task, receiving even more bonuses and moving the story even more into the positive side. If you fail to help, the dynamic event will move further down the negative axis, to another mini-event and you will have to work even harder to make an impact and help the people or the area in need.It’s a continuous back and forth motion between these checkpoints, among which only the positive ones give good rewards and only if you reach cheap gw2 gold. If not, you will have to clear the negative ones to reach the “positive state” of the dynamic event.What is great about them is that it makes you feel like you’re a part of the world and the actions around you influence everything, even you. If you fail at an event and it reaches the most negative checkpoint, you could see that bridge you had to protect collapsed at your feet and your home route blocked, until a new dynamic event occurs where you have to reconstruct it and at the same time protect the workers from furious bears.

The Dynamic Events make you feel like you have something to say in the world you’re playing, the surrounding areas reflecting the actions or non-actions of you and your peer gamers. This is why guild wars 2 gold breaks from the usual MMO standards and creates the both-way link between the character and the world, by now being just a one way street where only the world could influence the character and not vice-versa.


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