Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend On Hold

The upcoming holiday weekend seems like the perfect time for a Guild Wars 2 test. However, ArenaNet confirmed today that they won’t be running a beta weekend event during that period

The first beta weekend event was held in late April. ArenaNet explained on the cheap gw2 gold Facebook page that the test was more popular than they imagined. While they’re no doubt happy to have so many gamers enthused about the MMO, the downside was that the servers were overwhelmed. It’s something that they’d like to avoid for future tests. Disconnects and lag obviously aren’t going to make anyone eager to buy the full version.

To prepare for the second beta weekend, the developers recently held a stress test for the servers. They’re also adding new hardware to their datacenters. The dates of the next beta will be announced when their hardware modifications are complete.

“We are not withholding a date intentionally, we want to make sure that BWE2 will be a really great experience for all of you.”

The first beta weekend allowed players to try out three of the game’s five races and all eight professions. Players were also able to travel to the social hub of Lion’s Arch and fight other players in massive World Vs. World battles. Presumably this next preview event will feature even more content.

Guild Wars 2’s release date is rumored to be June 28th. In response to this rumor, ArenaNet said that they’re waiting to see how testing goes before they nail down a specific date.


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